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Following the advancement of technology, a lot of services are available online for the convenience of modern lifestyles. With hindsight, simple activities such as buying the lottery tickets, heading to the bank to do a transaction, or an excursion to a casino were very time consuming and were not always convenient at times, especially when the weather act up. 

The internet, without a doubt, is the game-changer for all kinds of industries. With it, everyone can do anything with just a few clicks and a stable Wi-Fi connection, any time at any location. 

This is also one of the main reasons why people are taking so much interest in online casinos and online betting. Nowadays, people are glued to their mobile phones more than they are with the desktop. That is why online casinos need to become accessible via mobile devices, as it is one of the ways for these businesses to stay competitive in the market. 

918KISS and MEGA888 are some of the online gaming platforms that have gone mobile-available. Now, players can bring the fun with them, wherever they go.

How to Download MEGA888

Now, we are more than humbled to know that players that support 918KISS, are also supporters of the MEGA888 online gaming platform. Which leads us to have one of the most frequently asked questions: how to download MEGA888  app onto a mobile device? 

To date, the MEGA888 mobile apps have reached quite a download rate. It’s not too late for you to be part of the mobile family! By following the guides below closely, you will have the apps running, and you will be playing plus winning some big bucks in no time.

Installing MEGA888 (iOS) 

The download process can be a little tricky but fear not. Simply adhere to these steps, and the MEGA888 APK file will be installed onto your mobile device in no time. 

  1. Open up a browser and type in “9king download mega888” (if you wish to install the MEGA888 app). 
  2. Click on the suitable download mode following your device, whether it runs on a 32-bit or 64-bit system. 
  3. The “install” pop-up will appear. Click to begin the installation. 
  4. After the installation process is completed, click “cancel” if other pop-ups appear. 
  5. After that, head over to your phone’s setting, and click on “General”. Then, select “Device Management”.
  6. Press on the enterprise app shown on the list. Then, click “Trust”. 
  7. Once completed, the MEGA888 app is then verified on your device. Kindly wait for any additional download files as you initiate the app for the first time, and then, you will be all set to enjoy your game. 

Installing MEGA888 (Android OS) 

Installing the MEGA888 on your Android device is quite effortless. 

  1. Pull up your browser and type in “9king download mega888” (if you wish to install the MEGA888 APP) . 
  2. Click on the suitable download mode depending on your device, in this case, choose the Android mode.  
  3. Let the download process run in the background after clicking the download button. 
  4. After the downloading process is completed, click on the “MEGA888 APK” (depending on the app that you are downloading) in the taskbar to begin the installation.
  5. After the app is installed, you are good to go! Kindly wait for any additional download files as you initiate the app for the first time. 

Installing MEGA888 (Desktop)

On top of being available in mobile versions, the MEGA888 and 918KISS apps can be operated on a desktop too, provided you have an additional app in your computer that supports the apk file. If you prefer looking through a bigger screen, a recommended application to run the apk file, and let the apps run on your desktop is the NoxPlayer. You may follow the steps below to download the NoxPlayer. Install the emulator onto your computer. 

  1. After finishing the installation process, open the emulator and go straight to the download link.
  2. Choose the Android APK and download the app like how it is done on the Android system.
  3. After all that, you are ready to enjoy the games on MEGA888 !

Upon the completion of the installation of apps, you can register a free account for yourself and start playing. If you have any inquiries, you may contact customer support, and they will attend to you quickly. Besides, there are test accounts available for the players before they proceed to deposit real money into their playing account. You can get the test account from the customer support by giving them a call or through text. The customer support is very friendly and will be more than happy to assist you with this and any other matter.

The deposit service is made easier using the ATM transfer or any online banking transfer of your choosing. Kindly contact the customer service for more details and requirements. Your phone number, name, in-game ID, and the deposit amount will be required and requested by the customer service. After you have finished the transaction, send the transfer slip or receipts over to the customer service. After the transaction is verified, the in-game credit will automatically be credited into your playing account, and you can start playing again!

Withdrawing the credit you have earned in the games is easy. First, contact the customer service and state the amount that you would like to withdraw and the bank account that you want the money to be deposited into. The withdrawal process should take about three to five minutes to complete. Withdrawing your money when playing with MEGA888 and 918KISS is as simple as ABC! 

How to Up Your Odds and Win More 

It is no secret that the players that log into the online casinos, be it MEGA888 or 918KISS, just want to have more fun by winning more. It is very common for people to want to beat the system and try to get an upper hand. These pointers are very much agreed upon by the veteran players of MEGA888 and 918KISS.

Keep your app updated at all times

Always check on your app and download the updates! Updates are necessary when the app developer has launched any new additions or fixes to the app. This is to make the app run better on your mobile phone. 

With that said, you should keep your app updated whenever there are new updates available. New updates in 918KISS or MEGA888 normally means the launching of new slot games. You must be wondering how updating the app can increase your chances of winning. Well, with any new improvements, the RTP (return to player) rate of the new slots improves. This is a trick to hook the players up on the games. If the games are paying slightly better, more players would want to get themselves involved. 

Other than that, by upgrading the app constantly, you are always caught up with the latest fix, and that means an improved gaming experience, smoother gameplay, and faster loading.

Play the games at a specific time

As we all know, the results for all slots games are determined by a random number generator (RNG). The results are randomly generated all the time; at least that is what they want you to think. Legend has it, by playing the slots between 12 AM to 5 AM can slightly boost your chances of winning. During this time, there is no manual labor monitoring the slot games’ back-end system. Although iffy, it would not hurt testing the theory out as suggested by the veteran players.

Finding a spot with a stable Internet connection 

One setback that everybody faces when they are betting online is unstable internet connectivity. Using the Wi-Fi connection at some locations can be frustrating at times, especially in crowded places where people are sharing the Wi-Fi service. Connectivity interruptions can cause and have an impact on the gameplay quality and winning rate. 

Look at the matter this way, let say, when you are about to hit a winning combination, hypothetically, the server uploading procedures are intercepted with a poor internet connection, and it can very well rewrite the outcome, thus, resulting in you missing your chance in getting a winning combination. Playing the games away from the distraction of the public eyes is another good idea. Concentration is always a good trait to have while playing any sort of game.

MEGA888 and 918KISS are two of the rising online mobile casinos in Malaysia. Over time, they have proven to be very popular in the Malaysian market. The purpose of this article is to guide and help you and the players in getting acquainted with the apps so that you can know all there are about 918KISS and MEGA888 online gaming platforms.

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